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Mrs. Magician – B Sides (LP)

by Mrs. Magician

$15.00 / Sold Out

• Catalog #: TM002
• Release Date: September 03 2013
• 12" LP Limited Vinyl – 500 Milky Clear
• Artwork by Dustyn Peterman (Dusty Dirtweed)


01 Despicable Things
02 All My Friends Are Dying
03 Guys In Cooler Bands
04 Fools Paradise
05 Wai Ki Kill
06 You're Alive
07 Bermuda
08 Fuck You Aunt Gloria
09 Tabloids
10 Postcards My Parents Sent
11 I Hate Tour
12 Always A Bridesmaid
13 Jealous
14 Get Bent
15 Sleep Running
16 Lazy Girl
17 Someday Someone


Mrs Magician is pleased to announce the release of the upcoming album appropriately titled, B-Sides. The album is a collection of, you guessed it, B-sides recorded throughout the entirety of Mrs Magician's lifespan and will be available nationwide via drummer Cory Stier's label, Thrill Me Records, on Sept. 3 2013.

B-Sides is a follow up to the debut critically acclaimed full-length Strange Heaven (produced by John Reis- Hot Snakes, Rocket From The Crypt, The Night Marchers). "I'm excited these songs are coming out on a physical release, in true Mrs Magician fashion," frontman Jacob Turnbloom comments. " It's honest and self deprecating, everything I love about real pop-punk. It shows where Tommy (guitar) & I were when we started this band. It's a documentation of our friendship turned eventually into a band. It shows our growth as song writers and producers. I'm proud of the record no matter how imperfect it may seem, it's real and the lyrics reflect that." Complete with 17 tracks, the record is full of the witty, gloomy narratives Mrs Magician is known for all the while blending together the "la,la, la's" and the choir boy harmonies, creating a perfect juxtaposition.